Taxi Cab Services – get your cab quicker with our exiting new GPS based taxicab tracking service, offering unique marketing opportunities to metered taxi cab operators. With full online GPS taxi tracking facilities and nationwide network of call centres in the pipeline, every taxi operator or individual driver has access to an affordable marketing system.

Taxi Operators.

Gone are the days when a Yellow Pages listing was enough to keep your business going. Today, with advertising and fuel costs out of all proportion to revenue earned, a structured, cost effective, predictable marketing campaign is essential for the success of any enterprise.

Socialising on the taxi ranks is great, but does not provide sufficient income for those drivers that are not connected to a reputable Taxi Company.

Those Drivers that are connected to a reputable Taxi Company can still benefit from marketing themselves through Taxi Cab Services, especially as there are certain Taxi Companies who no longer actively promote or market their businesses.

Taxi cab Services offers a number of affordable, proven marketing options. Simply determine your advertising budget and one of our marketing consultants will provide you with a solution.

Driver access to a LIVE GPS tracking system which displays current car positions will help to ensure that Taxi Despatchers are fair in their distribution of incoming taxi business.

Taxi Clients.

Using Taxi Cab Services, clients can calculate the taxi fee between any two points, locate the nearest taxi to their immediate location, determine the quality of ride they would prefer, negotiate fares with individual drivers, book cabs for a specific time and track their taxi live online should they so wish.
Finding a taxi will never be easier.