Here, we provide you with some of the interesting and fun facts about one of the top holiday places in Europe, the Tenerife Island, which you might not have came across before. Have a happy time reading!!!

  • Tenerife is the largest island of the Canary Islands and has the most popular landmark and also the third largest island volcano that is the Mount Teide.
  • Tenerife consists of the 43% of the population of the entire Canary Islands.
  • Jointly with Las Palmas, Santa Cruz is not only the capital of Tenerife but also the capital of Canary Islands.
  • On the Car Hire Tenerife Island, one in 6 people are involved in tourism or hospitality industry.
  • The tallest buildings in the Canary Islands as well as the tallest residential buildings in the whole of Spain are the Torres de Santa Cruz – Towers of Santa Cruz.
  • The El Medano beach is the longest one in Tenerife.
  • The national anthem of Spain is the only one in the world that is played as an instrumental. It does not consist of any words.
  • The flag of Tenerife appears to be similar to that of the flag of Scotland.
    It is not the part of the European Union though it is a part of Europe and uses Euro as its currency.
  • The tiny badges present on the bumpers of Taxis in Spain saying “Sp” stands for “servicio publico” but not “Spain.”
  • For every 2 minutes, there appears to be a fireworks display in Tenerife.
  • Tuesday the 13th is considered to be unlucky in Tenerife as well as in the rest of Spain.
  • “Dorada” is the name of the native beer of Tenerife which is prepared exclusively in the island. This beer cannot be found anywhere in the world but is available little in Gran Canaria, which is a neighboring island of Tenerife.
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